Pacific Grove Public Library Online

New!! Pacific Grove Public Library Online!!

The Pacific Grove Public Library has opened a new branch!  An online branch, that is.  Why an online branch? Lots of people would love to “visit” the library from the comfort of their own homes, and many libraries are providing more services and information electronically.  All that you need to visit the Pacific Grove Public Library Online is a library card.  You can even apply for a PG library card at the new online branch if you don’t have one.  More than just ebooks, the online library includes streaming video of independent movies, online magazines, audio books and other research and information sources.

Streaming Video:  Indieflix provides video streaming of movies of all lengths, genres and languages.  The independently produced movies are from film festivals around the world.  Indieflix, founded by filmmakers, describes its mission as “part champion, part curator”, with its goal to get films to interested audiences.  The streaming of movies is unlimited, includes feature films, short films, and documentaries.  The films will run on a PC, Mac, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV as well as mobile devices.

Online Magazines: Zinio is the world’s largest newsstand with interactive digital magazines available for whatever tablets or devices that you own.  The PG Library Online collection has 45+ magazines, including Backpacking, Bicycling, Cosmo, Newsweek, Gardening, Popular Mechanics, Outdoor Life and more.

Explore:  a large number of online information sources ranging from NOLO Law, Consumer Health Center, AtoZ Databases, Kids Search, Student Research Center, Searchasaurus and more are available.  This would be great for any student, researcher, historian or just for general interest.

The online site also lets you search the PG and Monterey Library’s Catalog, providing ‘one-stop-shopping” from your own home.   So visit the new online branch today and see what your local library is bringing to your fingertips!


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