And the Winner is . . .

The library’s 2012 Adult Summer Reading Program entitled “Between the Covers” ended this week. Participants in the program received a raffle ticket for every book read and reviewed in June and July. At the Thursday night reception for our reviewers, Ann Scanlon, the winner of the raffle was presented with a basket for booklovers—with a book light, books, an audiobook, bookmarks and gift certificates to the Book Buyers, the Works bookstore, and the International Cuisine Restaurant. Other door prizes were, of course, books.

The other big winner was the Dewey Decimal System because the summer program was designed to encourage the reviewers to read across the library’s collection by choosing a book from each Dewey section (000-generalities, 100-Philosophy and Psychology, 200-Religion, 300-Social Science, 400-Language, 500-Science, 600-Technology, 700-The Arts, 800-Literature, 900-Geography and History, and Fiction). Discussion at the reception centered around the 57 books reviewed and the benefits of reading outside your preferred genre or subject field.

The reviews will be available at the reference desk for your browsing pleasure and future book club ideas. Thank you to all our wonderful reviewers.


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